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Photodiodes like these are commonly used as receive transducers  for optical communications systems and are very effective when placed at the focal point of a Fresnel lens concentrator.
The Carolina Flashers  Photonics Group is a North Carolina-based organization of worldwide Amateur Radio operators who use coherent, or more often, partially coherent light as a communications medium.  We are proud to be affiliated with the ARRL, and our club callsign is K4THZ.
A small light emitting diode (“LED”) can be used to transmit voice or data.  Signals from larger, higher power LEDs can be received many miles away.
According to Federal Communications Commission regulations, the frequencies above 300GHz are a legitimate allocation for the Amateur Radio Service.  This includes light waves, of course.  While many people consider through-the-air optical communication to be an unregulated medium, we as licensed hams follow all applicable FCC Part 97 rules, such as callsign IDs, no commercial messaging, etc.

Clint (KA7OEI) and Chris (VK3AML, visiting from Australia) have a free-space-optical QSO at the Yucca Valley, California QTH of Bob (W6QYY)

Watch this space as our group expands and our website evolves.  Some of our goals are:

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